My name is Yvette Leach, I consider myself to be an artist who does makeup. Makeup Artistry is more than choosing a few colors that look nice together, it is an art form in itself. 


When I meet a client, I like to take a few minutes while I am setting up my kit to get to know you. What is the occasion you are attending, what are your likes, what look are you going for, and most importantly, how do you want to feel when I am done doing your makeup. All this information helps me to form the inspiration to come up with a look that is uniquely you, makes you feel strong, confident, sexy and beautiful.


I am available for all occasions from bridal, birthday and anniversaries to the most creative of photo shoots.

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I've been doing makeup for over 20 years! I was made in Queens, NY then lived in South Florida until 2002 when I moved to San Antonio, TX. I am very fortunate to live in very cosmopolitan cities that are fast paced and always ahead in culture. I love makeup, art, music, fashion, traveling, sociology and learning what I can do to help make the world a better place. 

Yvette Leach

"When you find someone who does their job with passion, you KNOW you'll get excellent results. Yvette knows that the face you present is a representation of her work, and she pours her passion into making you look your best. Don't hesitate to book this MUA who is truly in love with her job! I love Yvette Leach! Definitely book your next appointment here!" – Sean S.

"If you're looking to be 100% satisfied with your makeup, Yvette Leach is the way to go. I love her techniques, cleanliness, professionalism and charisma. Not to mention, I felt like a human barbie doll!! I cant wait to work with her again!! Book Yvette!! You wont be disappointed!" - Briana B

"Yvette is THE best MUA I've ever used. I'm a model and I've had my makeup done by many MUA's and Yvette it just so different. First, she knows what she is doing, keeps with trends and listens to the customer. I like that she took a few minutes to get to know me to customize my makeup for me. She is also very clean and hygienic. I can go on and on, but it will say the same thing. Book her! She's talented and a whole less expensive from other MUA's that are not anywhere as good as she is. I love her!" - Lori R

Yep, I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor, I did fight like a girl and kicked it’s ass.

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